Guided tours

Filitosa presents its official guided tours

You are interested and want to understand the history of Filitosa and everything you see on the site but you are not a specialist in prehistory?

The guided tour is for you. For any further information please contact us by mail or phone here.

Guiding starts at the entrance of the site up to the 5 statues in the valley. You will therefore be free to review certain parts of the site and to end the tour whenever you wish with the museum and the shop.

Visiting Days and Schedules

6 days a week from June to September


Une visite le matin et une visite l’après midi. Pour plus de précisions, contactez-nous
Durée de la visite : Environ 1h30


For individuals

Without appointment *

Rétribution de la guide selon votre appréciation de la visite

For groups

By appointment *

50 € quel que soit la taille du groupe **

* Make sure, however, that the guide is available by contacing us beforehand to find out the dates and times of the guided tours.

** The guided tour being optional, it does not exempt you from paying the entrance fee to the site.

Where and when to ask for the guided tour?

As an individual, you can buy your admission ticket on the spot for same-day access.
In a group, you can pay for your visit on the spot for same-day access, or pay afterwards on presentation of a voucher on the day of your visit (prior reservation by the issuer).